Friday, 5 February 2010

Russell's Burn Supper - chic Scottish!

Salmon mousse

Main course
Pan-fried Haggis with Whiskey and ginger curly kale, garlic potatoes mess, swede & parsnip ramequines

Scottish short-breads with chocolate fondant


Salmon mousse (makes 6): 250g salmon in tin; 100g smoked salmon; 200g butter; 200g mascarpone; salt & pepper; splash of cognac.
Mix the salmons in a blender; add the butter which you have separately whisked; add the mascarpone slowly and salt and pepper at pleasure. Add a splash of cognac (not too much or it will taste quite bitter, and you may regret that good bottle of Courvoisier too...). Mould the mix into a fish and place in the fridge for at least an hour. Serve with warm slices of bread (brown but I prefer white!)

Whiskey and ginger curly kale (makes 6): 500g kale; half a fresh ginger (2cm); 1/2 glass of whiskey.
Heat a pan with a spoon of olive oil; add the sliced ginger; let the oil get very warm; add quickly the kale (to sizzle) and toss; when almost browned, add the whiskey and toss more. Serve immediately.

Garlic Potatoes mess (makes 6): 1kg potatoes; garlic head; salt & pepper.
Cook the potatoes adding some white wine to the water; mash them and add the garlic which you have cooked slowly in the oven for 30 minutes at 100C (remember to remove the skin!); salt and pepper.